It Is Summmaaaaaa Timeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!

It is Summmerrrrrrr Time!!!!!

Okay, fine, technically it isn’t summer time until June 21st, but if you live in Cali, summer started last week!

For those of you who don’t live in Cali, good news is, you have ONE MONTH to get ready for summer!

When I think of summer time, I think of that quote that says,

When I think of summer, I also think, “Well crap…I have nothing to wear on those hot summer days and nights…and by the pool!”

…and I’m guessing I’m not alone. But don’t you worry because I am here to help get the summer fashion check list on it’s way…and ON BUDGET! yay!

Summertime is an exciting time in fashion because we get to pull out and dust-off some of our bold patterned and bright colored outfits.

Since the summer is all about easy living and comfortable style, there is nothing like an easy going maxi dress that you could just throw on and get on with your day.

Here are some of my favorite maxi dresses:

Black maxi dress. I love that these dresses are still on trend. H&M. H&M Maxi Dress $29.95 V-neck jersey maxi dress with narrow shoulder straps. Ruffle at top, elasticized waist seam, and slightly longer back sectionThis dress is one of my favorite styles, I actually just bought this dress in a Black and Pink Cherry Blossom floral print. The dress I bought and the dress above are both from H & M and retails for around $29. Perfect for just throwing on with a pair of flats and looking fab in an instant!

If dresses aren’t your thing and you prefer skirts, you definitely can’t go wrong with a maxi skirt! I also just bought a maxi skirt that I am obsessed with!

A couple of my favorite ways to wear a maxi skirt are:

I dont know why, but Im loving the idea of long flowy oversized skirts right now....sounds sooo comfortable. Cute, casual maxi skirt and white tee! Kristin Cavallari maxi skirt. Spring or summer outfit

I honestly love nothing more than wearing a flowy maxi skirt with a baggy top. It is a level of comfort you have probably never felt before! You can find affordable maxi skirts at forever21, H&M, Target, and Ross!!!

The best part of a maxi dress and/or maxi skirt is that you can dress it up or down. Throw on some wedges and you’re ready for a night out or throw on a pair of flat sandals and you’re ready for a day of shopping!

Now that we’ve covered the basics of summer comfort, lets move on to swimwear! Yikes! Just kidding! There is something for everybody!

As much as I love looking at bikinis, I like wearing a one piece! However, lets start with our bikini lovers!

I love bright, hit you in the face colors and patterned bikinis! I’ve seen some fun ones walking around at the mall and here are some my top favorites!

 Forever 21; retails for $27.60

Garden Goddess Bikini Bottom | FOREVER21 Spring vibrant #F21Swim #Bikini #Floral Forever 21; retails for $27.60

Victoria Secret; Retails for $29 AND comes in 9 different colors!!!

…And for those of us who like a little more coverage…

Forever 21; Swimsuit retails for $15.80 (love the set!)

one piece swimsuits and swimwear for everyone | Southbeachswimsuitsfrom

I am OBSESSED with this suit from H & M. For some reason it's available in their Denver store (not in my size of course), but not on their US website. It IS available on their UK website, which refuses to ship to US addresses. What the hell, H & M?H&M

Now that we have completed swimwear, looks like our summer must have list is complete!

All you need for an awesome summer is:

A few Maxi dresses, Maxi skirts, and a swimsuit that makes you feel out of this world amazing!

When all is said and done, all that is left, is making sure you have the sunscreen on and the tanning oil ready with drinks chilling and you’re set for a relaxing summer!

Until next time, make sure you have your sunscreen on and keeping it classy!

Happy Summer!









Shhhhhhh it’s a secret!


I know it’s been quite some time since I’ve written, but I’ve been slightly busy and slightly lazy (if we’re going to be honest!). A couple nights ago I was a party and someone I know asked me about my skin and I got it to look so good.

Well, to start off with, I took Accutane for about 5 months and due to some side affects, I had to stop. If you don’t know, Accutane is an acne medication that is so aggressive that you are kept a close eye on during the treatment. Although it works great, I don’t recommend it right off the bat. Over the years, I have tried every single over-the-counter and behind-the-counter drug before I decided to take this major step. I strongly recommend for everyone to try that before taking the leap to Accutane…


Anyways, after I got off of Accutane, a month or so later I began to regress… which is common even if you finish the full eight month treatment. It was soon after the regression that I realized that a skin routine is super important…After I came up with my skin routine, (for my skin routine, check it out: I found that my skin was still breaking out with a pimple or two…or 5…it was then that I started to use my secret cream and it works so great that I had to share!

…and my secret weapon is….NEOSPORIN CREAM! 

After I wash my face at night and before I apply my night cream, I use the neosporin cream all over my face. Neosporin is an antibacterial cream that helps prevent infections after a cut and helps the healing process. 

After using this cream a few times, my face became spotless…it doesn’t diminish every zit over night, but it does wonders. By incorporating Neosporin nightly and occasionally applying an acne topical gel, i’ve managed to keep my skin clear! 

I hope that this secret cream helps you achieve your skin goals! 


If you have ANY skin secrets, I’d love to hear about them; to share, post a comment down below!!!

Until next time, keep it classy and fabulous! 


Top 8 reasons you should date/marry a female physician or surgeon

Hot Heels, Cool Kicks, & a Scalpel

A couple of years ago, I asked a friend of mine how she met her husband.  It was at a bar, and when she asked his occupation he replied, “I work for the city.”  She took that to mean he was a construction worker.  They began dating and quickly fell in love.  Much to her surprise about a month into their relationship, she learned he actually played for the NFL team in their city.

Two nights ago, I had the pleasure of having dinner with two very pretty surgical residents.  As they are both single, the conversation quickly turned towards the “single life” here in our city.  One began to tell me she uses dental hygienist as her go-to occupation when meeting men, while the other uses flight attendant.  I have to admit, the flight attendant bit is pretty genius – it actually explains our crazy schedules pretty well!


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Yay! I always get super excited when I find new products that I love…especially, when I randomly come across them. As you know, I love to shop at drugstores for some products. I don’t typically spend a lot on hair products or buy high-end salon products either.

Here is a couple of my NEW favorite products! 

1. The Pantene Pro V Detox Line

I was reading a Yahoo! article on drugstore hair care products that were really the “best” thing out there. As I was going through the pictures, I came across the photo of the Pantene Pro V Detox shampoo and conditioner. I was intrigued because I had never seen anything detox for hair. So I began to do some research and came to the conclusion that I should probably try it out for myself. Before I bought the shampoo and conditioner, I tried the line’s Rehab Creme, which is basically a once a week deep conditioner. I was surprised at how soft it made my hair. About a week later, I went and bought the Shampoo and Conditioner. After  about a week of use, I realized that most of my split ends had disappeared and my hair looked much healthier. It was at the moment that I realized that I have found the “golden ticket”!!!!

Pantene Pro V Damage Detox Daily Revitalizing Shampoo $4.99

Pantene Pro V Damage Detox Daily Revitalizing Conditioner $4.99

Pantene Pro V Damage Detox Rehab Creme $10.99

Grand total for the best product EVER? $20,97

You got three products of the price of ONE salon product that doesn’t even get rid of your split ends! Safe to say I won’t be getting a haircut for a LONG time! #winning 😛


2. Batiste Dry Shampoo

For the longest time I had been wanting to purchase a bottle of dry shampoo…but then I got lazy and didn’t want to surf the web and read a ton of comments about the endless amounts of dry shampoos out there…SO! One night I decided I wanted to go to the gym before they closed. After the gym, shockingly, I was too tired and lazy to wash my hair. It was at that moment that I decided I wanted to find a really good dry shampoo. So there I was, 10 pm at night, sitting in my car, doing what I was avoiding for the longest time. After reading, what felt like 100 reviews, I came across Batiste Dry Shampoo! Lets just say, I have never been happier! 

To me, my hair is a blessing and a curse. I have a lot of thin hair…and thinning hair…and washing it a lot isn’t good but, because I workout a lot and love to take showers, I can’t help but to wash my hair because it gets greasy and dirty very quickly! 

Not only does this product really work, but it actually makes your hair look like you spent hours doing it! I literally spray some at the root of my CLEAN hair (sometimes) just to make it look all bouncy and “sexy”! (in a way, that’s really depressing!) 

For around $7.99 (comes with a $1.00 off coupon so it’s technically $6.99), faux fresh looking hair…

Oh and did I mention it comes in a variety of scents? Well, it does! (Whatever floats your boat!)


Now that I have told you about my new favorite drugstore finds, I’d love to hear what your favorite drugstore hidden gems are! (Post a comment below!!!) 

Until next, Stay classy and fabulous!







At some point in our lives we meet someone who we call out “best” friend. Often times, that “best” friend will change or we gain more “best” friends and it begins to feel like you’ll be best friends for life. It is at that moment that you realize that you would literally do anything for your best friend…


About a year ago, my cousin told me about these two little boys who pretty much changed the meaning of “Best”: friends and doing anything for them to a whole other level. Yesterday, I came across their story again and I wanted to share it with you.

“Chocolate Bar” is a book 6 year old Dylan Siegel created to help fund research for his Best Friend Jonah Pournazarian, 7, who is battling Glycogen Storage Disease Type 1B. GSD is a liver disease that only one-in-a-million suffer from. Children born with this disease lack the liver enzyme that turns glycogen into glucose, rendering them unable to regulate their blood sugar levels (to learn more about GSD go to This disease is life threatening and has no cure. 

When best friend Dylan found out of Jonah’s disease, he took it upon himself to help his friend. The phrase “Chocolate Bar” is another way of saying “awesome. The book that Dylan wrote contains all the things that are so “chocolate bar”. This remarkable little boy, who is now 7, has raised over $500,000 for the foundation researching a cure for little Jonah and GSD. 

I don’t even know these two little boys or their families, but somehow, I am very proud of them. 

Their goal is $1,000,000 and I am hoping that everyone can lend a helping hand and make their goal happen and then some. 

“Chocolate Bar” by Dylan Siegel is sold for $20. The proceeds all go to the foundation researching for a cure. For more information on how to help or how to purchase a book, go to Dylan and Jonah’s website 

I am praying for them and hoping that cure is found! Every time I read a new article on them, I am brought to tears by their friendship and determination. 

Until next time, Be kind to one another. 

And stay classy and fabulous! 

With much love.



Follow up!!!

Hello Ladies!!!

Sooooo last night my friend and I decided to go to dinner and I decided that it was a good time to use my Caffeine concealer eye roller that I posted about last time!


Just in case the last post was too much to follow, I took step by step photos of how I use it when I do my two second makeup! 

Often times I just put some on some shadow, liner, mascara, and under eye concealer and call it a day! 

Before I apply my makeup, I like to wash my face to make sure it’s clean and oil free. 




My next stem is applying my shadow. I usually opt for a nude/gold shadow like Bobby Brown’s Sandy Gold. After applying the shadow, I put on my liner. 

After my liner, I apply my Granier Fructis eye roller. 




I use my finger to apply it and a sponge to make sure it blends. 

After I do so, I apply my mascara and call it a day…or night! 





I hope this help demonstrate how to simply use this product which is my all time favorite!!!

Until next time,

Keep it classy and fabulous!


Bye-Bye Dark Circles!

If there ever was a product that I would swear by, it would be the Garnier Fructis Caffeine Eye Roller!!!


It was the best $12.99 i have ever spent IN MY LIFE!!!!!

I use this eye roller/concealer more than I use my foundation. If I wake up with dark circles and puffiness, I just put some on my ring finger and dab it under my eye and all of the sudden, BAM! it’s gone. Bye-bye dark circles and puffiness! 


The nights i go out for a night out on the town, after i apply my foundation and eye makeup, I’ll roll some on in an upside down triangle under my eyes and on the bridge of my nose to highlight these areas…followed by conturing, etc…


Later in the week I will post photos of what I’m talking about…

I just had to share this product…I don’t think I would be devastated if this product ever got discontinued! Best product out there! 


Until next time…

Stay classy and fabulous!