“Throw some glitter, Make it rain!!!”

Nothing in the world makes me quite as happy as glitter does. I mean, let’s be honest, glitter just makes a girl feel like a million bucks and want to be like Cher! Well, at least I do…wanna be Cher! 😀

Someone asked me about one of the makeup photo with the glitter eye makeup I posted in a previous post and had some questions about glitter and using glitter as part of your eye makeup. It’s a great question because there are a couple ways to apply glitter and many places you can buy it from. (MAC, Chanel, CVS, Walgreens, Target…)

When it comes to glitter, I just want to apply it everywhere! Especially on my eyes. I have dark brown eyes and I just love how the glitter makes my eyes look that much more exotic.

In general, I use a lot of nude shadows. I have a ton of them. I usually tend to buy the nude shadows that are extremely pigmented and have a ton of shimmer in it. My favorite nude shadow is by Bobby Brown called “Sandy Gold”. It’s a cream shadow and it literally stays on all day without creasing. You don’t even have to apply a primer before applying. (If you tend to have greasy eyelids, you should probably apply a primer prior to every eye makeup application). Image

If you’re not into cream shadows, I also recommend MAC’s “Naked Lunch” shadow…Image

Both are very pigmented and shimmery! With a jet black eyeliner and mascara, I am set to go! (By the way, My favorite mascara in the whole world, can’t live without it, is Maybelline’s “Volume Express  in blackest black.)


ANYWAYS! Back to the reason why I’m writing this post, Glitter!

My all time favorite glitters are from Chanel. A little pricey, but definitely worth the investment!

The one I used everyday and put ON TOP of Sandy Gold is called Emerveille.

Image It may not look it, but it is very glittery on. In the sun it looks ridiculously stunning! The other one I have is silver. It’s called, Fantasme. With this one, a little bit LITERALLY goes a long way!

ImageImage(if you apply a lot of it, it’ll kind of look like this!)

Using your ring finger, dab some on top of your shadow and you have a perfect night out look! I highly recommend these two.

Like I said, glitter comes in many ways and you don’t have to spend a ton or use a cream based glitter in order to spice up your look!

Believe it or not, you can even use loose glitter from an arts and crafts store and if you don’t feel all that great about using glitter from an arts and crafts store, you can also find some drugstore brands that have loose glitter that cost only a few bucks!

Applying loose glitter gets a little messy, but if you have the time, it’s definitely worth it! To apply the loose glitter, you first have to have clear gel adhesive. In a little cap or tray (whatever you can use) you put some adhesive and pour some glitter in it. Mix the two together and then apply to your lid. In most photos where you see extreme glitter shadow looks, they use this technique!

Here are some glitter looks you could try!

Image(My Fave!)

Image(Definitely used loose glitter for this look!)

Image(Loose powder on top of the black shadow!)

I hope this helped answer some of your glitter questions! I have come to the conclusion that you have to play with makeup until you find what you like and get it right! I mean, it washes off and if you use the right products, you can get a professional look without the help of a professional! It’s all trial and error.

I went from being a makeup disaster to becoming my own makeup artist and it took me years to figure it all out ( I started at 13…then quit…then picked it up again). If you only knew how hideous I looked in my “tween” years! If I did it, so can you!

Until next time,Keep Calm and Sparkle on!



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