Vroom, Vroom, VROOM!!!

So…last night I went to the LA Auto Show  at the Convention Center in Downtown Los Angeles. I went with two of my best gals and it was kind of a last minute adventure and to be honest…I’m so glad we went!

photo 5

It is safe to say that I know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about cars…except that I like my car to be black on black and for it so make the  “vroom, vroom” sound!!!

I don’t think I have enough words to express how amazing the experience was. I mean, imagine going to a jewelry show (as my gal pal put it) with all real diamonds! As girls, we’d probably pass out before we even step foot inside the convention center!

For someone who knows absolutely nothing about cars, I was pretty damn excited to be there. I mean when I walked in, I was in awe! The bright lights and all these cars! My first thought was, “Wow!”. My second thought was, “I need to strike gold and make billions!”. My last thought was, “I’ll take one of each!!!!!!”

The car selections went from Toyotas to Bentlys with a few custom cars! I took so many photos that I can’t wait to share with you guys!

Drum roll, please!!!


photo 1


These are the beautiful Bentlys! I want one of each…With a driver because I’m fabulous! lol


photo 3


This is the Mercedes Benz and I have named it the Bat Mobile! I don’t remember the model name but I do remember that it said “AMG” on the display…Basically, it makes a very loud VROOM VROOM VROOM sound! Me want!!!

photo 4

And then I saw this…MATTE PINK FERRARI! Excuse me while I pick myself off the floor…

I nearly passed out seeing this! I mean…the beauty of it! The fact that it was MATTE PINK was enough for me to yell out “SOLD!!!”!

Oh oh oh!!! I almost forgot! Ranger Rover had a section there as well and they had this car on display…Dude!!! It was white with camel interior. The seats were COUCHES!!! The back seats reclined and they had TVs AND TABLES!!! Say whaaaaaaaaa!!!! I’ll take TWO of those! haha

Unfortunately, last night was the last day of the Auto Show. 😦 I can’t wait until next year….I wanna go again and I hope these pictures are enough to convince you to go too! 😛


If you have a favorite car or have seen a totally awesome car, I’d like to hear about it! Don’t be shy and post away in the comment box down below!


Until next time…

Stay classy and fabulous!



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