So I just wanted to post a quick update to my previous post “Oh!Snap!”…

I ended up going to get my hair fixed and the color came out really nicely. Unfortunately, we had to get rid of the highlights because they just could be savaged due to the color…Had we tried a different level of toner, it just wouldn’t have worked…


Instead, we mixed three different shades of brown and it came out to a really pretty brunette color. Still adjusting to the color, but I like it!


After a few washes, my highlights will start to subtly show and it’ll look very natural.



Just a side note, for anyone who is looking to do highlights, if you use bleach instead of color to highlight your hair, you’re kind of stuck with it until your hair grows out. Even if you color over it, as the color fades, your highlights will begin to show!

A quick update is all I have time for today.

Keep checking back. At some point this week I will be posting fashion and makeup ideas for NYE 2014!

Until next time, keep it classy and fabulous!



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