I don’t know about you guys, but I’m super excited about New Year’s Eve! It’s all I have been thinking about since we entered the month of December!

I have been searching the malls for the ideas of what to wear and I finally narrowed it down to a couple dresses and a skirt and top combo…

When I think of NYE, I think of SPARKLES and nonstop dancing and being surrounded by those whom you love more! I’m so excited because this year, I get to sparkle and dance and ring in the year with my best friend and partner in crime!

I would love to know what all of you lovelies are up to for NYE 2014, but first, let’s talk make up and outfits!

Now that my hair is back to dark, I’m intrigued to try different shadow colors that I usually wouldn’t have even looked at.

Cobalt Blue Smokey Eye

I found this look awhile back and fell in love with it! It’s a cobalt blue smokey eye! It’s the perfect look that could be complimented with a soft pink blush and a soft pink lip. Anything past soft, might look like a train wreck. Nevertheless, I encourage you to try out different shades until you find one that compliments the shade of blue you are using.

Russian Red Lipstick

This is another one of the looks that I came across and absolutely ADORE! it is the perfect amount of sparkle for NYE and it compliments just about any outfit you decide to wear. When I’m not sure of what I will be wearing, I usually tend to stick to browns and golds on my eyes because I find it a little more easier to switch up the look.

Smokey Emerald Green Eyes

To me, this look has exotic all over it! It’s a beautiful way to use green shadow. Although, I wouldn’t be able to pull this look off because I’m not as pale as the girl in the photo, I still think it’s a hot look!

Once the face has been applied, it’s time to figure out to wear!

Finding something to wear is always so stressful! lol I mean, you have this thought/look in your head and you think you have it in your closest and either you don’t have it, or it just looks weird! So annoying!

Hopefully, we can avoid the stress of finding an outfit for NYE!

As you know by now, I love nothing more than sequence and glitter. Therefore, it is only natural that I pick the most sparkly options. Here are two of my favorite outfits that I saw online.

First Pick:

A gold Sequin Motif Mini Skirt from Nordstrom. Retail value: $44.00

Not only do i love the skirt by itself, I also love the whole outfit. Fitted skirts like this, is a really nice was to outline your curves. If you got them, flaunt them!

Lily White Sequin Motif Miniskirt (Juniors)

Second Pick:

An Embellished LBD from Tobi.com. Retails Price: $52


This is the perfect dress for someone who is a little shy when it comes to sparkles.

When all else fails…

In my book, you can’t go wrong with a pair of nice black leggings, black top, and sexy black pumps. All black is my go-to look when all else fails. You really can’t mess it up and it’s the perfect way to play around with accessories.

As fun as it is to dress up and get dolled up, it tends to get overwhelming sometimes when you’re trying make sure everything looks perfect. However, it is important to remember that beauty is mostly found in the imperfections!

I hope these looks have helped shed some light on some ideas for you NYE plans. Don’t be afraid to think out of the box and just let loose!

I wish you all a very Happy New Year and until next time, keep it classy and fabulous!




I found a link to a really awesome makeup tutorial by iMacUrFace on YouTube. It’s perfect for NYE!



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