Say Whaaa?


Happy New Year!!!!

I know it’s been quite some time since I’ve written, but I’ve had a very busy few weeks. The week before NYE was super busy because I was prepping to go out of town and then I was out of town and well, that’s just a whole another story all in itself! Let’s just say, it was crazy!!!

I went to San Diego with my best friend and it was our first time celebrating NYE together. Definitely one for the books. 

We stayed at the Hardrock Hotel in Downtown San Diego and I honestly can’t wait to go back next year…Hopefully!

I always get super excited for New Years, especially, when I have plans. Since this year I had solid plans to celebrate, I wanted to step out of my regular makeup routine and do something a little different. 


This year, I decided to do a blue smokey eye. Since I decided to do a dark eye, I kept my face simple and my lips a nude pink.

I was trying to mimic this look…it didn’t come out quite like this in the picture cause I’m pretty sure the picture below used a ton of photo enhancements, but nonetheless, I still love how mine came out.  

Cobalt Blue Smokey Eye

Here is a picture of my look:

I kept my hair simple and wavy…towards the end of the night when it was no longer holding it’s “look”, I threw it up into a simple ponytail. Thank god the party we were at was our hotel because all I had to do was run up to get some hairspray and I was set!

I’m curious to know about your NYE plans and about the look you went for. Don’t be shy to post in the comments!

Until next time…

Stay classy and fabulous! 

Also, don’t forget to share with me what you did for NYE 2014!



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