Follow up!!!

Hello Ladies!!!

Sooooo last night my friend and I decided to go to dinner and I decided that it was a good time to use my Caffeine concealer eye roller that I posted about last time!


Just in case the last post was too much to follow, I took step by step photos of how I use it when I do my two second makeup! 

Often times I just put some on some shadow, liner, mascara, and under eye concealer and call it a day! 

Before I apply my makeup, I like to wash my face to make sure it’s clean and oil free. 




My next stem is applying my shadow. I usually opt for a nude/gold shadow like Bobby Brown’s Sandy Gold. After applying the shadow, I put on my liner. 

After my liner, I apply my Granier Fructis eye roller. 




I use my finger to apply it and a sponge to make sure it blends. 

After I do so, I apply my mascara and call it a day…or night! 





I hope this help demonstrate how to simply use this product which is my all time favorite!!!

Until next time,

Keep it classy and fabulous!



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