At some point in our lives we meet someone who we call out “best” friend. Often times, that “best” friend will change or we gain more “best” friends and it begins to feel like you’ll be best friends for life. It is at that moment that you realize that you would literally do anything for your best friend…


About a year ago, my cousin told me about these two little boys who pretty much changed the meaning of “Best”: friends and doing anything for them to a whole other level. Yesterday, I came across their story again and I wanted to share it with you.

“Chocolate Bar” is a book 6 year old Dylan Siegel created to help fund research for his Best Friend Jonah Pournazarian, 7, who is battling Glycogen Storage Disease Type 1B. GSD is a liver disease that only one-in-a-million suffer from. Children born with this disease lack the liver enzyme that turns glycogen into glucose, rendering them unable to regulate their blood sugar levels (to learn more about GSD go to http://www.agsdus.org/). This disease is life threatening and has no cure. 

When best friend Dylan found out of Jonah’s disease, he took it upon himself to help his friend. The phrase “Chocolate Bar” is another way of saying “awesome. The book that Dylan wrote contains all the things that are so “chocolate bar”. This remarkable little boy, who is now 7, has raised over $500,000 for the foundation researching a cure for little Jonah and GSD. 

I don’t even know these two little boys or their families, but somehow, I am very proud of them. 

Their goal is $1,000,000 and I am hoping that everyone can lend a helping hand and make their goal happen and then some. 

“Chocolate Bar” by Dylan Siegel is sold for $20. The proceeds all go to the foundation researching for a cure. For more information on how to help or how to purchase a book, go to Dylan and Jonah’s website http://chocolatebarbook.com. 

I am praying for them and hoping that cure is found! Every time I read a new article on them, I am brought to tears by their friendship and determination. 

Until next time, Be kind to one another. 

And stay classy and fabulous! 

With much love.




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